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About Queenstown

Queenstown, known as the 'rose capital of South Africa' is a town that truly comes alive in spring. Watch as the streets and gardens of Queenstown become ablaze with a riot of colour. A prosperous farming district, Queenstown is also known for its commercial, administrative and educational centreQueenstown lies on the Komani River and has a refreshing climate and plentiful water supply from the surrounding rugged mountains. The water is collected in Bonkolo Dam, set in the hills, which is used extensively for recreation and watersports.Nearby is a nature reserve with numerous antelopes and spectacular flowering plants together with panoramic views from the mountain summit.

History of Queenstown

Queenstown was founded in 1853. It was intended to be a military outpost designed to protect the British subjects from attack during the time of the Frontier wars. The town was laid out around a central hexagon, which was to be the laager to which the citizens would flee in time of trouble. Although still a distinguishing feature of the town today and a historic monument, the hexagon was never used for its intended purpose. Today, the hexagon is a beautiful garden with a fountain as its centrepiece.Queenstown became a service town for farmers in the district. It was known for the quality of its wagon building and for the general quality of its (often) imported merchandise. Educational Institutions flourished. In the late 19th century, Queenstown prospered, and the huge local sand stone public buildings were built, most still standing today. The magnificent Town Hall facade is an example, as are the Methodist Church, the Anglican Church and the Dutch Reformed Church. After the world wide depression in the 1920's, Queenstown once again entered a period of prosperity while still acting as a supply and educational center for surrounding farmers and smaller towns.

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